WEST LAFAYETTE -- More savings, and slightly more revenue is projected for the Village of West Lafayette for the 2016 fiscal year. Expenses are projected to be about $50,000 less than the past year's expenses. This was the information presented following the village's Finance Committee budget review on Monday evening. Mayor Jack Patterson said, "We (the village) are projected to stay in the black for the upcoming fiscal year if everything goes as planned."

Finance Committee Chairperson Roger Warne said the committee was interested in checking on further savings with the village's electric services. At the current time the village has electric services provided through AEP Energy.

A first reading was given for the resolution no. 2015-11, and emergency passage was approved in order to submit the budget to the Coshocton County Auditor's office within the required time frame.

Other business discussed during the July 13 regular session included:

In correspondence to the Mayor, the Ridgewood Football Boosters are looking for monetary donations, or individuals/or organizations to sponsor/provide meals for the football team this year.

Mosquito spraying continues on a weekly basis, but the rain has delayed the ability spray consistently. Village Administrator Dave Kadri is encouraging residents to keep vegetation trimmed/or removed around their property. Keep all standing water (such as in bird baths) to a minimum and change it frequently to prohibit mosquito reproduction. If the water is turning green with algae this is ideal for the mosquito population to lay their eggs, thus producing even more mosquitoes.

The village is requesting residents to please have lawns trimmed and property tidy for the upcoming Homecoming festival.

The police department is requesting a uniform allowance/budget.

Tax Administrator Shannon Haines and Village Solicitor Bill Owens recently attended a conference concerning House Bill 5. The conference was concerning new tax laws, and processes for income taxes.

Council's next meeting is set for July 27 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.