A familiar face -- and someone known to play an active role in student athletics -- will officially take over the helm as the new Newcomerstown Athletic Director Aug. 1.

Mark Wolff is no stranger to high school athletics. His list of coaching expertise includes: Head golf coach for 18 years, assistant football coach for one year, assistant track coach for 10 years, and head basketball coach for 12 years.

"I live here in town," Wolff said. "I can be to the high school in five minutes."

And that's his plan. He wants to be directly involved and show the Newcomerstown sports program stability. That's one reason he wanted a two-year contract to serve as Athletic Director. He wants the coaches and student athletes to see a familiar face that has short and long term goals for the program -- and see those goals achieved.

"I want to help the district and the students in the district," Wolff said about taking this position and stepping down as a school board member for the past 17 months.

He felt he could best help the school district by being Athletic Director.

"I'm trying to make them successful," Wolff said about helping the coaching staff. "I'm not looking to micromanage them but there needs to be organizational skills and details put in place."

Wolff said there are a lot of clerical items that need to be done so that the entire program runs smoothly. He said he's the first to admit that he is a very detail oriented person with having been a high school math and OWA teacher for 32 years.

As for his short term goals as Athletic Director, Wolff plans to make this as smooth a transition as possible with him taking over position. As for long term goals, he would like to have an all-sports banquet with a major keynote speaker in 2017.

"I want to make it prestigious for student athletes to work for and be proud of their accomplishments," Wolff said about the banquet.

Meanwhile, Wolff will continue to be the announcer at all home Newcomerstown football games, but behind the scenes he will be the one organizing and making sure everything runs smoothly.