On Tuesday, Aug. 25, Trinity Hospital Twin City's Community Outreach Department will host a health screen from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Baker's IGA, 316 S. College St., Newcomerstown.

Free blood pressure checks will be offered, and blood tests to measure total cholesterol and glucose (sugar) levels will be available for $10 a person. This health screen also includes measurements of HDL (the good cholesterol), LDL (the bad cholesterol) and triglycerides for no additional charge.

For $5, health screen participants can receive a Hemoglobin A1C screening, a blood test that measures blood sugar levels over three months. A1C screenings can reveal how well a person is managing his/her diabetes.

No appointment is necessary to participate in the health screen. A ten to twelve hour fast is required for the cholesterol and blood glucose tests, and participants are encouraged to continue drinking water while fasting. Fasting is not required for the A1C screening.

For information, call 740-922-7450, ext. 2124.

Blood glucose tests are recommended for all adults who are overweight and/or have other risk factors for diabetes. Cholesterol checks are recommended for all adults at least once every five years or sooner as directed by a doctor.

Participating in regular health screenings is one of the best ways to detect medical problems early.