COSHOCTON -- Outhouses and Toilets is the topic for the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum's next Our Town Stories on Thursday, Sept. 10 at noon.

Outhouse adventures, toilet misadventures, and just plain potty silliness have entertained folks young and old for centuries. Now you have a forum to tell us what you've heard rumored and experienced about those places where people "go." When you were a child did your family use an outhouse?

Did your church have one? Perhaps your grandparents' house had a toilet closet that was added after the turn of the 20th century.

Come to share your stories or hear others tell theirs -- it's always a fun time.

JHM's Our Town Stories gathering occurs monthly on the second Thursday of the month at noon. The conversation animates "the old days" as we conjure up memories, share personal stories, and recall Coshocton County as it once was.

The atmosphere is casual and the discussion is always informative, amusing and surprising. Admission for the program is free, and beverages and cookies will be provided. Make this hour your lunch break--feel free to eat your meal while we talk.

September's topic is "Prohibition."