DOVER -- The 4-H poultry exhibits continue to increase. The 2015 4-H enrollment year had 225 youth enrolled in a poultry project. Their birds will not be shown at the fair this year due to Ohio Department of Agriculture's ban on all poultry exhibitions in the state.

This is quite disappointing for the many 4-Hers who planned on raising market chickens and turkeys to sell at the Junior Fair Small Animal Sale. There was an increase in fancy and egg-producing poultry, which would have added much variety to the poultry exhibition.

Several 4-Hers continued to complete their projects and will exhibit an educational display in their club's fair booth. A few members dropped the project. There will be an educational display about the Avian flu and the poultry industry available for fair attendees to view.

A record number of hogs will be coming to the fair. As with poultry, the hog projects continue to grow. Improvements are continuing in the hog exhibit area to enhance the program.

The Junior Fair Horse barn will be improved this year which will have the horses and ponies rotating their time at the fair. The improvements are very positive for the horse clubs, even though it means having to make changes during the week.

People attending the Junior Fair Sales will see a few changes with the poultry not being at the fair and improvements made to the large animal sale. There will be plenty of 4-H exhibits to see throughout the fairgrounds, either in the booth area or barns.

The Clover Caf continues to be a major fundraiser for the 4-H program. The 4-H Committee thanks all the people who volunteer their time to work in the caf and those who support it.

4-Hers and their families are looking forward to the "Best Seven Days of September." The fair is scheduled Sept. 21-27 at Dover.