Burrier enrolled in Honors College freshman class at Kent State

KENT -- Erin Burrier has joined a newly enrolled Honors College freshman class of over 400 at Kent State.

In line with strong overall university enrollment growth, the Honors College is proud to welcome Erin as one of over 400 new freshmen who were all awarded an Honors College scholarship.

The Kent State University Honors College has been enriching the lives of thousands of students since 1933 and is an institutional member of the National Collegiate Honors Council and the Mid-East Honors Association. With a long tradition of providing academically talented students a unique academic experience, the Honors College offers talented and motivated undergraduate students a small liberal arts experience with the opportunities of a large public research university.

The Honors College is guided by two basic principles: the responsibility of providing academic work that both offers intellectual challenge and demands the best efforts of students and the belief that all students should be liberally educated, regardless of degree program. The mission of the Honors College is to recruit, challenge and support the highest ability students at Kent State. Open to all majors, the Honors College fulfills its mission by offering smaller sections of courses, individualized interaction with faculty through research and other projects and the option of living in an honors learning community in the Stopher-Johnson complex. Additional offerings include community service opportunities, personal advising, and several other educational enhancements across five Kent State campuses and including the international Freshmen in Florence Program.

The goal of the Honors College is to help students find the opportunities that will enrich their Kent State educations and empower them in directing their talents toward a successful future.

Kent State University congratulates Erin on this merit worth celebrating.

Kent State University welcomes newly enrolled Class of 2019

KENT -- Kent State welcomes its highest-achieving freshman class ever and continues strong university enrollment. These academically motivated freshmen have an average GPA of 3.35 and an average ACT score of above 23; both are increases over last year and records for an incoming Kent campus freshman class.

The following Newcomerstown students are among the more than 6300 newly enrolled students comprising the Kent State University Class of 2019.

They are: Brandy Addy, Sasha Brick, Jared Brooks, Erin Burrier, Lindsey Garretson, Brent Heishman, Taylor Kellish, Aaron Kikkawa, Khirin Kikkawa, Adina Lippencott, Kayla Mozena, Nicholas Mullens, Scott Perez, and Kaylee Stephen.

Kent State University continues to set records and reach its enrollment goals. Total enrollment for the 2015 Fall Semester across the university's eight campuses is more than 41,200 students. The unduplicated headcount for the Regional Campuses is over 12,700 students, and more than 28,500 students at the Kent Campus. This marks the ninth consecutive year of strong enrollment on the Kent Campus.

With a current enrollment of nearly 3,000 international students from over 103 countries, Kent State has one of the largest international student bodies in Ohio.

Retention of Kent Campus freshmen is also the highest in the university's 105-year history at a record of nearly 82 percent. This represents the percentage of freshmen that continue their studies at the university for their sophomore year.

"Kent State's faculty, staff and administrators continue to dedicate themselves to improving student success," said Todd Diacon, Kent State's senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. "In the last three years, we have built on that dedication by improving academic advising, expanding support services and co-curricular experiences, and encouraging students to enroll in and pass at least 15 credit hours per semester so that they will graduate in four years. These efforts and others have lifted our retention and graduation rates to record highs."

With eight campuses, seven additional domestic and foreign locations and over 60 study abroad and international opportunities and experiences, Kent State is one of the nation's largest university systems and is proud to welcome its newest class of golden flashes!

For information about Kent State, visit www.kent.edu.