Heels Down members

discuss the Fair

Heels Down 4-H Club met Sept. 1 at the Sportsman's Club.

The Pledge of Allegiance, 4-H Pledge, 4-H Motto and colors were recited.

The minutes of the previous meeting were4 read and the treasurer's report was given.

Old and new business was discussed. They talked about requirements to get a wristband to get into the Fair all week. Also, they discussed who was to bring what for the Clover Cafe. They also talked about livestock haul in times and when they will work at the Clover Cafe.

Several demonstrations, and health and safety reports were given.

They also discussed how they are going to decorate the booth for the Fair.

Thunder Valley Pioneers learn about stranger danger

The Thunder Valley Pioneers 4-H Club met Sept. 13 at Port Washington Park.

President Sarah Fowler called the meeting to order. Health Reporter Caitlynn Long had a report on hand washing.

Safety Officer Ashton Grindle had a report on stranger danger. Old business was discussed. Advisor Diane Glazer showed everyone the pen decorations for the animals. Food coupons were handed out. They discussed wristband distributions, animal check in times, show times, and animal release times. This was their last meeting and they will be having an after the fair cookout on Oct. 4 at 5 p.m.