Volunteer at the school library

One of the largest jobs of the library is shelving, putting books away. This is a job that does not get done every day due to limited time and other tasks that have to be done. If you would like to volunteer to shelve books at West Elementary, contact Mrs. Durben at the school by calling 740-498-4151 or through email at durbensa00@staff.nctschools.org. A volunteer is needed for Wednesdays anywhere between 8 to 11:30 a.m.

Accelerated Reader

Students have already begun working toward their individual AR goals. Each nine weeks, an individual point is set for each student based on how they score on the STAR Reading Test. Students who earn their point goal, earn an 85 percent or higher on quiz accuracy, and earn their average book level goal will get to attend a nine weeks activity. We are at mid-term of the first nine weeks, so students should be close to half of their goals.

Home Connect - View your student's AR Goals

Home Connect is a program by Renaissance Place that allows parents and students to check AR progress at home using the student's AR username and password to log in. This program is user friendly, shows the child's AR progress for each nine weeks, progress for the year, the most recent quiz taken, and more. Parents and students may log on to Home Connect by going to the school district's website, clicking on Library, and choosing AR Home Connect on the Library page.

Read with your


Reading is an important life skill. Remember to read with your children and encourage them to read every day. Whether they are reading a book, a magazine, a newspaper, or even a comic book, practicing their reading skills is important. Set an example and let your children see you reading!

AR Book Finder

If you are looking for a way to check if books are AR, use www.arbookfind.com. You can also get to this site through the link on our library page at www.nctschools.org. AR Book Finder allows you to type in a title and search what AR level and point value a book is. If you are looking for a way to get a list of AR books within a certain reading range or subject area, use the

Advanced Search tab. We do not necessarily have all the books listed in our school library, but you may be able to find them at the public library.

Building AR celebration goal

Our AR building goal for the year is to earn 14,000 AR points. If this is earned, we will have a celebration on the last day of school with inflatables, game stations, and a picnic lunch outside. If this building goal is achieved, all West School students second through fifth grade will get to attend the celebration!

Second grade news

The second grade students are off to a great start! We are learning our way through the building and getting to know all the staff here at West. Students will be bringing home math or reading homework most nights. Please read the stories with your children, helping in any way necessary for them to be successful, and sign the reading contract. Be sure to stop and ask your children questions about what they just read. You can also have them retell or summarize the selection when you are finished reading. We have started our AR time. Each student knows his/her reading range. Students are welcome to take AR tests on books from home. Just send the book in or write the title down. Students can also take classroom books home. They just need to follow the procedure that their teacher uses for taking books out of the classroom. In math, we are working hard on our facts. Students need daily practice to help improve their speed. Students should be able to say the answer to a basic fact within three seconds of seeing it. Any help with these facts at home would be wonderful. If you need a set of flashcards, let the classroom teacher know. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Have a great year!

Third grade news

Third grade students seem to be enjoying being in third grade. At the start of school, we had to take some time for diagnostic testing. This allows the teachers to help your child at an individual level. Everyone has learned their schedules. The teachers are sharing students to individualize instruction and develop better lessons in grammar, writing, science, and social studies. Also, all students are aware of their Accelerated Reader goals and should be working towards those goals. One of the big areas of study in third grade is reading. In June 2012, Ohio Senate Bill 316 was signed into law. This new law includes the "Third Grade Guarantee." This guarantee says that students entering third grade must score a certain passing level on Ohio's third grade reading achievement assessment to be promoted to fourth grade. The first time we test is in early November. The second time will be in the spring. If you have questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher. The best preparation for this reading test is lots of reading practice. Please have your child read 10-15 minutes per night out loud. Some students will bring home a reading log. Please complete the log when it's sent home. A few students need their own headphones (or ear buds) here at school. Please send those as school as possible. We hope that third graders will have a wonderful year. Thank you for supporting West School and your third grade teachers.

Fourth grade news

In ELA, students have read The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, learned new vocabulary word such as, temporary, frequently and ranged and also took a spelling test over words with the long "a" sound. This week, students will work to identify subjects and predicates in sentences, read The Case of the Missing Scarf and complete a chart on the story's setting, events and character's reactions to events. The story One Thousand Nights and a Night will teach students more about the book that inspired the main character in "The Adventures of Ali Baba Bernstein" to change his name from David to Ali Baba.

In Math, students have been studying place value, comparing and rounding numbers. We will soon start working daily on our multiplication facts. If you have flash cards, please have your child practice daily on this very important skill.

In Ohio History, students completed a STEM project on 9/11. They were to create a memorial for those that risked their lives and died on that tragic day. Students made beautiful projects to honor all of those that were impacted and I will send pictures home soon. We are also working on map skills. Students are completing a project-based map assessment to show mastery of these skills. Next, we will be moving on to Ohio's geographic regions and our location in the world, country, region and use relative location to describe where we are located.

In science, students have begun the year with the Scientific Method, learning the basics of how to conduct experiments. We have already been able to do a few labs in class. I'm sorry if any students came home wanting to wash everything in ketchup., {ask you child about "The Statue Mystery"} Our "Wanted" projects were due on the 16th. We will be having a test on Tuesday 9/22. The students will have a study guide to bring home over the weekend. Our next unit will be our Earth Science unit on landforms and erosion.