CAMBRIDGE -- When I was looking for a subject for the Christmas tile, my friends, Paul and Cindy Hixson, volunteered to help.°They walked down Wheeling Avenue and couldn't believe we hadn't used the Independent Order of Odd Fellows building as a subject° I, too, was surprised.°They took photos and met with Ryan Pavlov to gain more information for the tile.° Ryan borrowed photos from Anna Marie Pavlov of the building when it was new and hadn't been changed. They were all a big help since I'm now away at my studio in Tennessee.°

When I began the drawing on the original building, I was so amazed by the thought that went into the creating of the architecture.°What a beautiful building!° Such diverse materials were used.° Brick, blocks, and stone were used in special sculptural additions to obtain visual results.°Such beautiful and regal artistic elements were made in its creation.°This is a lovely historical addition to our city and should be treasured and preserved.°I hope that you like the tile that presents the original design.°

This wonderful building was built in l896 and opened l897 with quite a celebration in Cambridge,°There was the whole works -- a baby show, parade, music, contests, marches, speeches and much more.°A large crowd attended from area cities and some came from far and wide. The lodge served many functions for Cambridge.°They helped charitable organizations, and other worthy causes.°

We need to keep this memory alive by supporting its preservation.°The Pavlov family has done much to keep it standing.°And we hope they'll continue.°What a loss it would be to our city.°Thanks to Paul, Cindy, Ryan and Anna Marie for their help with this tile. This could be my last one since it is the 42nd one I've created for the hospital.°Please let me know if you have any ideas for additional tiles.

All proceeds from Southeastern Med's Wing 12 fundraiser will go towards the $50,000 balance of the patient handling equipment. This equipment has been a tremendous benefit for not only Southeastern Med patients, but also for the associates.

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