NEW PHILADELPHIA -- In an effort to curb destruction of property, primarily farm crops, the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's office has periodically began using unmarked cars to locate and cite trespassers in the county.

In recent weeks, complains of four-wheelers damaging property and crops, often very expensive organic crops. Charges are currently expected to be filed in one case that caused significant damage to a crop in the Strasburg area, as well as three others who were issued criminal summonses for that same farm.

Deputies have also been locating and warning many who came to trespass to ride four wheelers and such in the Bunner and Funk Road areas of Dover, Auburn and Sugarcreek townships. Multiple property owners in that area have complained of damage and widespread trespassing.

These patrols will continue and charges will continue to be filed when appropriate throughout the county.

The Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office also is working closely to locate and charge poachers who are also often trespassing on the land of others.

The Sheriff's office reminds individuals that land does not have to be posted with "No Trespassing" for you to be prosecuted.

If the land that you are hunting or riding on does not belong to you, remember, it does belong to someone.

If you do not have expressed written permission to be on that land, you may likely face criminal prosecution.