The Wednesday after Election Day had all of the employees at the Newcomerstown Public Library feeling overwhelmed.

They stared at the number: 74.38 percent. It is an astounding number. Thank you! The renewal was supported by 74.38 percent of you. After they recovered, they discussed what more we can do to thank you. They will continue to offer the best service they can in order to save you money. Just think of how much you would spend if you bought all the DVDs and books you check out of the library. They will continue working to bring you the latest movies and books. The list below is by no means exhaustive, so come in sometime soon and take a look. And if you haven't visited the library recently, drop in.

The Newcomerstown Public Library is far more than books.

The collection of over 3,200 DVDs continues to grow thanks to you.

DVDs: Beverly Hills Cop, The Big Bang Theory Season 8, The Boy Next Door, Flipping Out Season 1-3, Fortitude, King of Queens Seasons 1-9, Rush Hour 3, Snakes on a Plane, Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Taken 3, While We're Young, Wonder Years Season 1-2, Young Frankenstein. Over the Hedge, Might Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie, Pirate Fairy, Swiss Family Robinson. The Wild Thornberrys Season 1, Power Rangers Zeo.

Coming soon: Jurassic World, Arrow Season 3, Agent Carter Season 1, iZombie Season 1, Agents of SHIELD Season 2, Rugrats Season 2, Dukes of Hazzard Seasons 1-2, Pixels.

PS3 Video Games: Battlefield Hardline, GhostBusters, Madden 16, Soul Caliber IV.

Wii Video Games: Mario Party 9, Sonic Unleashed.

Xbox360: Battlefield Hardline, The Amazing Spiderman, Madden 16.

Nintendo DS: Puss in Boots, New Super Mario Bros, Thundercats, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.

Books: Terry Goodkind: The First Confessor, Robin Hobb: Fool's Assassin, Dee Henderson: Taken, Renee Ryan: Marriage Agreement, and many more.