The sixth grade team has nominated Kimberly Gibson as their student of the month for November 2015.

Her teachers are proud to share some facts about their star student for the month of November. Kim is a sweet, young lady who comes to school with a smile on her face.

Kim works extremely hard every day in all of her classes, and she gives 110 percent effort on all assignments and classwork. Responsibility is a great character description of Kim; she takes the initiative to ask about work that needs to be accomplished. Kim's teachers want her to know that they are very proud of her and encourage her to keep up the great work! Kim, daughter of Chris and Sally Gibson, says her favorite class is ELA because she likes to read. If she were the principal, Kim would make the school day shorter. Some of her hobbies and extracurricular activities are watching movies, and playing softball and basketball. Some other fun facts about Kim are that she has a pet cat named Ranger; her favorite meal is chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes; the last movie she watched was "Home Alone"; her all-time favorite book is Horrible Harry and The Triple Revenge; she feels her strengths are listening and caring for others, and she feels she couldn't live without her tv; her favorite celebrity is Taylor Swift; her worst fear is spiders; and if she were invisible, she would walk through walls. The best piece of advice that she has ever received was from her Mom and Dad who said, "Always try your best." So far in her life, her greatest achievement is getting perfect attendance in school, and in the future, she hopes to become a millionaire.

Jessica Mendoza, seventh grade daughter of Fransisca Mendoza and Ricardo Hernandez, was nominated for this recognition by her teachers for several reasons. They appreciate Jessica's smile and pleasant attitude, and that she strives to do her best each day in class. During the recent field trip to Biz Town, she was enthusiastically immersed in her role. Her teachers enjoy having Jessica in their classes. Some of Jessica's hobbies and extracurricular activities include playing volleyball, playing trumpet in the band, playing piano, and she's considering joining the NMS track team this year.

Her favorite class this year is math, because she likes to learn new math problems each day, and feels she is good at it. If she were principal, she would allows students to chew gum, eat candy, and even use cell phones in class, and she would encourage everyone to respect each other. Some fun facts about Jessica include that she has two dogs named Rocky and Cookie, and one cat; her favorite meal is pizza; the last movie she saw was Despicable Me 2; her all-time favorite book is Where the Red Fern Grows; her favorite celebrity is the group Newsboys; she feels some of her strengths are that she is helpful, kind and funny; her worst fear is snakes; she doesn't feel she could live without her family and pets; and if she were invisible, she would eat all the candy and spy on people, just for fun. So far, the achievement Jessica is most proud of is playing the trumpet, because sometimes it is hard to hit the high notes, and she can't wait to be in marching band next year.

The best advice she has received came from her mom, who told said, "One day, you will be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one." In the future, Jessica hopes to make the right decisions and become a vet.

Serinity "Lacey" Davis was selected by her teachers for their November Student of the Month because she is one of the hardest workers in the 8th grade and a real joy to have in class.

Lacey made the Distinguished Honor Roll for the first nine weeks this school year, and in addition to her academic success, she's done a great job welcoming new students to NMS. Lacey, daughter of Clint and Jennifer Davis, feels that one of her strengths is doing well in school, and says her favorite class this year is math, because she's good at it and she enjoys it.

She feels the best thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is the staff, including the support staff as well as all of the teachers that are here. Some of Lacey's hobbies/extracurricular activities include cross country, track, basketball and softball.

So far, Lacey thinks her greatest achievement has been getting inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. The best advice she's received came from her coaches, who told her to "go hard or go home." In the future, Lacey hopes to continue her education and become a doctor.