Medi-Wise Pharmacy announces the kick-off this week of "Medi-Wise For A Cause," a new program dedicated to providing community organizations with additional

fundraising support.

One part of the program, "Shoppers For A Cause," is aimed at raising $10,000 for organizations that benefit the local community in and around Newcomerstown through the sale of 1,000 Shoppers For A Cause discount cards. The Shoppers For A Cause cards can be purchased either from a member of a participating community organization or from Medi-Wise Pharmacy. All of the proceeds from card purchases go to organizations designated by card purchasers. In addition to providing financial support for worthy causes and local organizations, card purchasers will enjoy discount savings of 10 percent at Medi-Wise Pharmacy as well as other exclusive savings opportunities throughout 2016.

Another part of the Medi-Wise For A Cause initiative is the "Prescriptions For A Cause" program. With Prescriptions For A Cause, Medi-Wise Pharmacy customers can cast a "vote of support" for a particular organization or cause each time they fill one or more prescription at Medi-Wise Pharmacy. Under the Prescriptions For A Cause program, every prescription register receipt counts as one point for the organization designated by the prescription purchaser. At the end of each month, the organization with the highest point tally will receive a $100 donation from Medi-Wise Pharmacy.

Similarly, Medi-Wise customers who have a Shoppers For A Cause card will be able to "vote" for a favorite organization simply by asking their Medi-Wise Pharmacy cashier to place a copy of their sales receipt into a collection box for the designated organization. One point will be awarded for each pre-tax dollar on contributed receipts. As with Prescriptions For A Cause, the organization with the most points at the end of the month will receive a $100 donation. Medi-Wise is looking forward to providing a grand total of $2,400 in donations that benefit the local community in the year ahead through the Prescriptions For A Cause and Shoppers For A Cause programs.

Medi-Wise will also donate $5 to a designated organization with the transfer of a qualifying prescription to Medi-Wise Pharmacy. The "Transfers For A Cause" program is the third element comprising the Medi-Wise For A Cause initiative.

Jeff Neidig, RPh, owner of Medi-Wise Pharmacy, had this to say about Medi-Wise For A Cause: "At Medi-Wise Pharmacy we're not just community healthcare professionals, we're also community residents. We're on a mission to be a touch point for wellness -- not only for our patients and customers, but also for our community as a whole. We're pleased to establish Medi-Wise For A Cause to support the activities and fundraising efforts of local organizations that make an important difference to the quality of life in our community."

About Medi-Wise Pharmacy

Medi-Wise Pharmacy is a locally owned, independent business. The pharmacy has been serving the community from its Newcomerstown location since 2007 and Tuscarawas and surrounding counties since 1993. Medi-Wise is a different kind of pharmacy that partners with patients to improve their health. From prescription services and medication management to home medical equipment and supplies to health screenings and Health-Check clinics to immunizations,

Medi-Wise Pharmacy is consistently recognized as a regional leader known for assisting healthcare teams and their patients in improving outcomes. More information about Medi-Wise Pharmacy and Medi-Wise For A Cause can be found by going to the Medi-Wise Pharmacy and Medi-Wise For A Cause websites, and, respectively.