"The town became our family," said Newcomerstown Public Library's Youth Services Librarian Jen Coventry.

And that's what she will miss most as she leaves her position at the Newcomerstown library and heads to the Wadsworth Public Library to be the Youth and Outreach Services Librarian.

"It was an opportunity that we couldn't really pass up," Coventry said.

Coventry, along with her fiance Matt Waters, a Newcomerstown Public Library assistant, will both be leaving the Newcomerstown library this week.

She said it was the love and support from the community this past year that helped the couple get through many of life's challenges, including Waters being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Coventry said it was the Newcomerstown community that came to their rescue with food, tips for feeling better through chemotherapy treatments, help with tasks around their apartment, and overall well wishes. She said the Newcomerstown community was their family because her family lives 30 minutes away and Waters' family lives seven hours away in Philadelphia, Pa., so Newcomerstown was family -- and home.

Thankfully, that love and support helped the couple get through the tough times and Waters is now in remission.

"He wasn't used to that," Coventry said about Waters being so accepted into the community. "It was really sweet and that's what I'll miss."

The Newcomerstown Quilting Bees even quilted a special quilt for Waters; Coventry said that's the first thing they have packed.

Overall, she said she would miss the preschool visits, story times at the library and the summer reading program. But, most recently, she will miss the completed renovations of the children's department at the library as well as the changes being planned for the teen section of the library.

But, "It's still home to me," Coventry said. "It's been home for seven years and I'm keeping my Newcomerstown Library card!"