The Newcomerstown News is introducing a newly designed news website for its online users.

Immediately upon visiting The Newcomerstown News website, users will notice a fresh, clean look, along with an increased focus on photos and video display.

Andrew S. Dix, publisher of The Newcomerstown News, said the company has been working on the redesign for the last 10 months.

"We've spent a lot of time analyzing the digital media industry, and we feel we've come up with a good online product for our users," Dix said. "We're in a good position now to move quickly with new features to enhance our online user experience."

The website, built on responsive design technology, allows users to visit the site on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Dix said the growth of mobile users fueled the company's expansion in its mobile offerings.

"Mobile is an area of immediate and future growth," Dix said. "It is something we've noticed growing at a rapid race, and we want to help it grow even more."

The main navigation menu has changed from horizontal to vertical to allow users to freely visit the site and always have top-level menu items no matter the location on the website.

Along with a clean design, there is a concentrated effort to maximize our advertising opportunities throughout the entire website, thus increasing the website's overall user experience.

"We plan to keep looking at areas of improvement regarding digital advertising," Dix said. "We hope to make our website a well-rounded overall user experience."

One thing that isn't changing is The Newcomerstown News' commitment to news and information.

The Newcomerstown News wishes to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you like or dislike about the newly designed website by sending an email to