Respondents are students in Mrs. Fillman and Mrs. Shinaberry's preschool class at West Elementary School:

Cristian G. - a John Deere tractor with a bucket

Macy M. - a baby doll with a stroller

Maci F. - a My Life Doll

Jayden J. - an Easy Bake Oven

Marshall B. - a transformer with a remote

Makenzie C. - a ball

Drake B. - a monster truck and a train

Addison T. - a craft with glue

Aubrey S. - Barbie dolls

Madison R. - a Minnie Mouse calculator

Myles B. - a Ninja Turtle and a real Cheetah

Brian F. - a dump truck

Lamar M. - a batman playset

Addison S. - a super hero mask and costume

Yasser M. - airplane

Kenley H. - a princess doll

Jade M. - a blue Christmas tree with lights

Lydia S. - a doll named Kayla

Jaycelyn R. - a puppy that does tricks

Warren B. - dozers

Respondents are students in Miss Jones and Mrs. McConnell's preschool class at West Elementary School:

Kelsey B.- a stuffed animal bunny

Wyatt B.- a Harry Potter video game for the TV

Anna D.- candy, Barbie clothes, and popsicles

Arabella F.- a baby doll, stuffed animal, and a TV

See WANT, page 2

with a Frozen game

Lilli G.- an Xbox just for me

Marlee G.- a bouncy ball, a cage for my pretend horse, and a star that lights up

Olivia H.- a tree for my bedroom

Marigha H.- a Monster High barbie

Mason H.- the Gravedigger monster truck with smoke coming out

Evan H.- a train that moves

Alivia J.- a Baby Alive that eats food

Brystal K.- a great big ball

Lilly L.- a big, pink, fluffy dress

Lori M.- a toy puppy in a purse and a Popples

Ainsleigh M.- My Little Pony Squishies

Peyton M.- a real mommy horse that has a baby in its belly

Khloe R.- a Baby Alive doll that eats

Xavier W.- a fishing pole

Ava Z.- a Baby Alive doll