The Newcomerstown Lions Club hosted the Columbus Pilot Dogs recently at the Lions Den.

Pilot Dogs have been opening their harts to closed eyes for 65 years. This was the first joint meeting for the Lions Club members and the newly-formed Leos Club.

The Pilot Dog presentation was given by Ray Byers who is their chief trainer.

Codd, a beautiful standard poodle, was the dog of the hour.

The group received our informative talk on proper training techniques and preferred dog breeds to be trusted as guide dogs. One Leo, Amanda Thornton was able to walk the guide dog through a path containing some obstacles to show how the dog could maneuver safely. The trainer said it costs $10,000 per dog to become a trained, trusted guide dog.

Dr. Sarah Bliss, a Newcomerstown veterinarian, then gave a presentation on proper dog care including nutrition, pet medications, and how to watch for pet illness.