In preparation for the coming new year, Newcomerstown Village Council approved its budget for 2016 fiscal year during regular session, Dec. 7.

The break-down of the pending new budget is as follows (appropriations for each fund):

General fund: $1,072,282.12

Street maintenance: $211,905.63

State highway: $18,000

Cemetery: $70,478.25

Park: $54,260

Permissive motor vehicle: $53,950

Street levy: $393,360

Police pension: $14,000

Police training: $8,000

Police fund: $660,612.50

Downtown revitalization: 0

Drug law enforcement: $500

OWDA loan: 0

Computer fund: $800

Capital improvement: $20,000

Water Works project: 0

Cy Young Park improvements: $6,000

Water: $656,946.42

Sewage: $515,115.74

Water R/I: $127,167

Sewage R/I: $667,381

EPA Sewage: 0

Water well field: 0

Street open trust: 0

Cemetery expendable trust: $7,043

Other business discussed during the Dec. 7 regular session included:

Licensed operators for water and sewage department, and police department were approved for raises in pay rate. The new rates are accordingly for each discipline.

Village sewer rates were approved for increase by $1.00 per 1,000 gallons. The water rates had previously increased. The rational for the need to increase the sewage rate was based on the village no longer meeting criteria for grant eligibility. In the past grants had less stringent requirements. Many grants are no longer available, and the requirements for the grants remaining in existence have been significantly upgraded, and are extremely difficult to obtain. The increased rate will facilitate the village to off-set rising costs of maintaining the sewer system, and ensuring residents the highest standards of service.

Council approved the purchase of a 2000 Dodge Caravan with 60,000 miles at a cost of $2,500. The vehicle will be utilized by the police department and village administration for business purposes.

Council approved the subscription for a grant writing software program/ E-CIVIS.

Two resignations of part-time police officers were approved; Charles Harlow, effective Nov. 20, and Seth Harper, effective Nov. 24.

A lot split was approved for 501 State St.

The next regular council session is scheduled for Dec. 21.