For the second year in a row, Career Tech programs at Buckeye Career Center were given the task of creating a Christmas tree that represented their field. Labs that chose to participate were very innovative in their designs. Ultimately, the ladies in the cafeteria declared Teaching Professions the winner. "Welding and Auto Collision Repair created our Golden Tree Trophy. It is large enough we can write the winning lab and year on it for many years to come!" said Jay Davis, principal, who came up with the idea in 2014. Teaching Professions students created a tree with a combination of books, crayons, markers, yardsticks and a giant push pin lamp on top. "Our labs had the opportunity to celebrate the holidays in a way that reflected their program. We were so happy with the creativity that each lab displayed with their entry," said Superintendent Bob Alsept, "We are blessed to have so many creative students and staff at Buckeye Career Center! Their efforts show why we are "Buckeye Proud!'" All the trees can be seen on Buckeye's Facebook page. Pictured are some of the Teaching Professions students with their winning tree and their "tree sized" trophy.