Amateur Meteorologist Don Keating of Newcomerstown is announcing the addition of "current weather graphics" into his popular "Ohio Weather" video forecasts.

Keating recently added the new program into the graphics package he produces daily in the reports seen on The Daily and Sunday Jeffersonian and The Newcomerstown News home pages.

Keating noted the current graphics package can add a different flavor to the videos and it has "all of the bells and whistles" in as far as current information, as well as predicted precipitation amounts, temperatures and other data. Keating said it will be especially helpful during times of inclement weather during the spring as far as severe thunderstorm activity.

At the current time Keating has begun including the current national map for the midwestern part of the United States as well as the animated radar to show how precipitation has moved into the region, temperature patterns and other information.

Keating's video forecasts may be seen Tuesday through Friday at The News web site. Readers may also visit his Facebook Ohio Weather page by simply entering Ohio Weather into the Facebook search line.

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