Notes from the Principal

Midterm reports were sent home with students on Feb. 11. The third nine weeks will end on Friday, March 18. This school year seems to be going by quickly!

Students and teachers are working hard to learn material and prepare for state assessments in certain grades and subject areas. Students will be taking state tests in April and May for the following grades/subject areas: Third grade ELA, third grade Math, fourth grade ELA, fourth grade Math, fourth grade Social Studies, fifth grade ELA, fifth grade Math, and fifth grade Science. Each test will have two parts and each part will be 90 minutes in length. We will send home test dates at a later time so parents will know which days their students will be testing.

Watch for information to be coming home at the end of the month for the Book Fair and Muffins with Mom which will be held the week of March 7. The Book Fair will be open during Muffins with Mom and also during students' library classes that week. Moms are invited to come and eat breakfast with their students on the following dates: Second grade, preschool and Miss Lefler's class on Monday, March 7; third grade and preschool on Tuesday, March 8; fourth grade on Wednesday, March 9; and fifth grade on Thursday, March 10.

Thank you to all the families who helped with valentine boxes, wrote out valentine cards, sent treats to school and helped chaperone parties. Happy Valentine's Day!

Library Lowdown

West Book Fair

The Scholastic book fair is coming to West School Monday, March 7 through Friday, March 11. If you would like to volunteer to help at the book fair, watch for a flier at the end of February.

Third Nine Weeks AR activity

Our third nine weeks activity is set. On the Wednesday following the end of the nine weeks, they will have our annual Read and Relax for the next AR activity. Students who meet their third nine weeks AR goals will be able read and relax with a blanket and pillow the last hour of the day while enjoying a snack and drink. Students, make sure you earn your goal! Parents, remember you can keep track of how your student is doing by logging into AR Home Connect from our school's website.

Second grade news

As we are buzzing by the third nine weeks Midterms period your child might be running low on supplies like pencils and erasers, or may need new crayons or glue, so stock up! This nine weeks your second grader will be practicing two and three digit addition and subtraction and then going into money. These are easy concepts to practice at home! Please make sure you are taking a few minutes to read with your child every night, every little bit helps! Thank you to everyone for your help in making our Valentines Day parties a great success!

Third grade news

To break up the winter we will be having two dress up days per month. The first one was to dress up in pink and red for Valentine's Day. The second one will be on Feb. 19th -- crazy hair day. Watch for other fun events in the future. We all had fun on the Valentine's Parties. Thank you to all who sent treats. Another worthy but fun thing is that we are collecting money for Akron Children's Hospital. The class that collects the most money will get an extra recess. And we want to WIN!

In third grade, we are continuing to work on our reading goals and working towards passing the AIR State Reading test. Your child should have half of his or her AR points by now. Please practice reading with your child 15 minutes per night. Here are some other things we are learning: In writing, we are working on writing a long detailed paragraph with supporting details. In math, we just started division so your child should know all the time table. In Social Studies, we are studying simple economics. Lastly, in Science, we are starting to learn about animals.

That's the news from third grade. Keep reading and be safe. Thank you for your support.

Fourth grade news

It is hard to imagine your fourth grader getting ready for fifth grade already, but students have just taken the first steps towards thinking about next school year. On Wednesday, Feb. 10, students attended an informational meeting with Mrs. Janel Travis, fifth grade teacher, regarding next fall's exciting Fifth Grade Camp. That day, students were sent home with paperwork to sell Domino's Pizza Cards. With each card they sell, they will receive $8 towards the $90 fee to attend camp. Pizza is always a good cause, especially when it helps your students go on an exciting adventure!

In Ohio History students are learning about the Prehistoric Indians who lived in Ohio. Students will be able to describe the earliest settlements and practices of Ohio's first people.

In math the students have been working with fractions. When we are finished with our unit they should be able to find equivalent fractions and decompose them, which means to break them into parts. They will also be able to add and subtract fractions as well as mixed numbers, compare fractions and multiply fractions. We will also learn decimal representations of fractions that have a 10 or 100 as a denominator. We are planning to have a unit test during the week of Feb. 22-26. A more specific date will be coming when we get closer.

We are wrapping up our Matter Unit on the 17th. The students have done really well with this topic. I'm sure you've heard about some of our labs. :) We will be moving on to Graphing next. Students will practice reading different types of graphs. We will take some surveys in class and create our own graphs.

In ELA, we have just finished reading Words Add Up to Success, an inspirational story about an inter-city math teacher who finds creative ways to get the best out of his students. We took a spelling test over suffixes and learned about action verbs and tenses. Additionally, we learned how to distinguish between fact and opinion and reviewed possessive nouns. Students are also learning the tricks to writing a well-organized essay for the ELA Air Test, which they will be taking in April. Success in writing will put students on the fast track to passing the test. Finally, how can a play about a frog teach kids to keep promises and be kind to others? Students will find out as they read Ranita next week.

Fifth grade news

ELA -- In ELA, we have been working on characters in drama as well as our writing skills in preparation for the AIR test in April. Looking ahead, we will continue AIR test prep and possibly be starting our first novel this spring. We are also working towards our third nine weeks AR goals. Don't forget to read 20 minutes and fill out your AR logs every night!

Written by Lincoln, fifth grade student

Social Studies -- We are watching a video about the explorers. We are making a number line about the explorers. This is what we are doing in Social Studies. Remind your student(s) to study their vocab. Written by Hunter, fifth grade student

Math -- In Math, we are working on dividing fractions using the KCF method keep, change, flip. We are working at recipes and doubling, halving, making them for 20 people, and 80 people, too. We will be making pancakes for our Valentines Party Feb. 11. Next in Math, we will be working on fraction story problems. Looking ahead we are preparing for the 5th grade state test, there is a parent site so you can view practice problems with your students. Further practice can be done at home on your students Iready or IXL account! That's your math newsfeed. Written by Breanna, fifth grade student

Science -- In science, we have just finished up working on light energy and are continuing on to sound energy. We are observing our Terrariums. Remind your student(s) to study their vocab. Written by Rylee AND Rickey, fifth grade students