In lieu of Valentine's Day, preschoolers in Miss Jones' class at the West Elementary School were asked to explain what love means to them.

Here are there responses:

Kelsey- "Giving love to your family."

Wyatt- "Kisses and hugs. And cake."

Anna- "Giving love to mommy, daddy, and Rylie (and Rylie loves me too)."

Arabella- "Making presents and cleaning for mom and dad."

Marlee- "Saying "I love you," and "I miss you.""

Olivia- "Being good and nice to people."

Marigha- "Sharing, playing with each, and being nice."

Mason- "Feeling happy and saying, "I love you.""

Evan- "Loving daddy and mommy and my sister and giving people Valentine's."

Alivia- "Telling people you love them and being really nice."

Brooke- "Loving Breann, Braylon, Brystal, Grandma, and Grandpa."

Brystal- "Feeling good and happy when I see my grandma."

Lilly- "Telling people that you care about them so much."

Lori- "Helping my family and my family helping me."

Ainsleigh- "Saying "I love you.""

Peyton- "Missing someone when they go away."

Khloe- "Being nice and cleaning up toys for mommy."

Xavier- "My mom and my friends."

Ava- "Giving care to everyone."