Some 103 years ago this month (April), the local news headlines were concerning the devastating flood that took place.

Newcomerstown and surrounding areas, with the exception of the Village of West Lafayette (due to its' location of being on a higher plateau away from the river), were submerged under the murky flood waters.

Some areas had excessively deep water, mainly those areas nearest to the river.

Two areas in Newcomerstown that were affected especially were south River Street and west State Street.

The two river bridges, at both locations, were compromised.

A section of the River Street bridge collapsed.

The east end approach to the west State Street bridge was completely washed away.

The railroads were submerged, with much of the railroad receiving such damage that it had to have extensive repair in areas before the railroad services could even resume.

The area was at a stand-still for nearly a week before the waters receded, and repairs could even begin.

Casualties for Newcomerstown consisted of the death of a worker who was killed while working to repair the River Street bridge a few days after, but in Coshocton there were several citizens who drowned during that week.