Every year, there are countless injuries related to bicycle accidents. With nearly all of the community accessible by walking or biking, community leaders believe it is of utmost importance as spring approaches to focus on the safety of the community's children.

Bicycle rodeos are a means of raising community and parent awareness about bicycle related injuries, for testing bike skills, for providing an opportunity for children to learn safe bicycle techniques, and building support for proper use of safety equipment -- especially helmets.

The Newcomerstown Police Department will sponsor a bicycle rodeo on Saturday, May 7 at 8:30 a.m. at the David Barber Civic Center, Newcomersown.

Participants must be 7-14 years of age and must be able to ride without the aid of training wheels.

Members of the Newcomerstown Police Department will help children learn the rules of the road.

Registration forms are available and can be picked up at the Newcomerstown Police Department.

For questions, call the Newcomerstown Police Department at 740-498-6161.