It's the end of a busy day. You're tired, and you haven't had time to plan ahead for dinner. Ordering takeout or running to the nearest fast food restaurant might sound tempting, especially if you haven't been grocery shopping in a while. You look through the pantry and cabinets but all you can find is half a bag of chips, a few slices of bread, and a box of cookies. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

At the upcoming diabetes class, we will take a look at shopping for groceries and stocking your pantry to ensure that you always have items in the house to prepare healthy meals. The next class is on Wednesday, April 27 at 2 p.m. in the Newcomerstown Library Annex.

The Sweet Spot: Diabetes Education Classes for Everyday Living, is a free monthly diabetes education class, designed to be one hour in length, focuses on the basics of living with diabetes.

The education class is run by the pharmacy's clinical services department who are in charge of the R.U.N.Sync Program and Immunizations. Contact the pharmacy at 740-498-6337 option 9 to find out more information about the classes and upcoming class dates and times.

Medi-Wise Pharmacy has been serving the local community for 8 years and Tuscarawas County for 22 years.