The Newcomerstown Middle School March Students of the Month have been named. They are, Hayley Williams, Jadeyn Mozena, and Karen Miller.

Mrs. Brooks and the sixth grade team nominated Hayley Williams as their student of the month for numerous reasons. Hayley is always on task and doing what she is supposed to do. She is eager to answer questions during class, and always has her work done. Her teachers are very proud of her, and encourage her to keep up the good work. Hayley, daughter of Scott Williams, lists her favorite class as math, because it is easy for her to understand math formulas. If Hayley were principal, she would make sure there was a snack time and a nap time for everyone. In her spare time, Hayley enjoys singing and helping animals, including her pet cat named Binx. Some fun facts about Hayley are that her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she watched was Hotel Transylvania 2; she feels two of her strengths are being funny and eating; her all-time favorite book is Green Angel; her favorite celebrity is Selena Gomez; her worst fear is bees; she doesn't feel could live without her cat; and if she were invisible, she thinks it would be fun to sneak into restaurants and eat the food. The best piece of advice Hayley has received so far came from Google, which was, "If you're going to die tomorrow, then spend your day doing chores because it will feel like an eternity." Hayley's greatest achievement so far in life has been memorizing a three page project, and reciting it to over 70 people. In the future, Hayley hopes to have a cat farm.

Jadeyn Mozena, seventh grade daughter of J.P. and Tisha Mozena, was chosen by her teachers as March Student of the Month because she is an exemplary student, who they enjoy having in their classes. She strives to do her best, works diligently, interacts well with others, shows maturity, and has a pleasant attitude. Jayden enjoys dancing and playing volleyball in her spare time, and lists science as her favorite class, because it is her best subject. If she were principal, Jadeyn would have a dance every Friday. Some fun facts about Jadeyn are that she has several pets, including dogs, cats, horses, chickens, and a hedgehog; her favorite meal is chicken; the last movie she saw was Forest Gump; her all-time favorite book is A Child Called "It"; her favorite celebrity is Tom Hanks; she feels her strengths are her intellect and her athletic ability; she doesn't think she could live without her family and friends; her worst fear is dying; and if she were invisible, Jadeyn would enjoy scaring people. The best advice she's received came from one of her teachers, Mr. Stevens, who told her to "always do the best you can do." Her greatest achievement so far has been making the JO volleyball team. In the future, Jadeyn hopes to have a family and a good job.

The eighth grade team of teachers selected Karen Miller as their March Student of the Month due to her exemplary leadership and her dedication to her own education. Karen is a conscientious student who contributes to the class discussions and also seeks extra help when she knows she needs it. Being a new student to our district this year, she has become a fantastic addition to our school by excelling academically while also participating in extracurricular activities. Karen, daughter of Willie and Laura Miller, says her favorite class this year is math, because she has a lot of fun and really enjoys learning new things, and she feels that one of her strengths of character is her honesty. Her hobbies and extracurricular activities include cross-country, basketball and track, and if she were principal, she would give free ice cream every Friday. Some more fun facts about Karen are that she has three dogs and two ponies; her favorite meal is chicken alfredo; the last movie she saw was Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2; her favorite celebrity is Carrie Underwood; her worst fear is heights; she can't live without her family and friends; and if she were invisible, she would do whatever she wanted. The best advice Karen has received so far came from her mom, who said, "Follow your dreams, and treat people the way you want to be treated." Karen's greatest achievement to date has been getting good grades, and in the future, she hopes to have a job, a family, and a house.