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Buckeye Career's prom was April 9 in the school cafeteria with a theme of "It's a Small World." Prom Queen and King were Yvonne Fray, a Cosmetology student from Claymont, and Tyler Gentry, an Indian Valley Carpentry student. Other members of the senior court were: Taylor McKim, Claymont, Intro to Nursing; Kaylee VanMeter, Claymont, Cosmetology; Austin Jackson, Indian Valley, Electrical Systems Technology; Cody Neininger, Claymont, Welding. Junior students, crowned Princess and Prince were Cheyenne Gardner, Exercise Science and Sports Medicine, Strasburg and Cody Baker-Carrollton, Energy Operations Members of the junior court were: Courtney Moreland, Claymont, Intro to Nursing; Destiny Baker, Indian Valley, Cosmetology; David Cox, Tusky Valley, CAD; Tarin Rauch, Claymont, Natural Resources.