If you or somebody you live with frequently asks for things to be repeated or needs the TV volume at a high level, there may be a hearing problem that should be checked. During Audiology Awareness Month in October staff at Ohio Head and Neck Surgeons in Dover will offer free hearing screenings. Appointments are available on the afternoons of Tuesday, Oct. 11 and Thursday Oct. 13 and the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 12.

This program is co-sponsored by the Union Hospital Department of Community Health and Wellness and will take place at the OH&N offices at 400 Medical Park Drive, Suite 103 on the campus of Union Hospital in Dover. Audiologist Laura Warner, MA, CCC-A, will conduct the screenings.

The free hearing screening is offered to people age 18 and older and who are not currently wearing hearing aids. The screening appointment will last about 30 minutes and include a brief health history, otoscopic exam to check ear canals for wax, and the hearing screening in the sound booth with earphones. Warner will review the screening results with each person and make recommendations for any needed followup.

While the screening test is free, space is limited and participants are asked to make an appointment in advance. Schedule a screening appointment by going to www.unionhospital.org "Health Events" calendar and click on any of the screening dates. Appointments may also be made by phone by calling the UH Community Relations office at 330-364-0884.