Aug. 24, 1931 -- James Lehman, aged 15 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lehman of Newcomerstown, suffered minor cuts and bruises when he fell into a 40-foot well on the Abe Foster farm, south of town, at 10 o'clock this forenoon.

The child is confined to the city hospital, suffering from a wound on the back of his head and bruises about the body.

Although the well was practically empty, there was enough water to lessen the force of the child's fall and prevent more serious injury.

The child was playing with other children when it stepped into the well. People nearby who heard the screams of the children, and rushed to the scene, lifted the child out by means of a hook and a rope. The truck from the lower fire station was called for the use of its hooks and ladders, but the child was removed from the well by the time the truck arrived.

Dr. E.M. Wright gave the child medical attention.