With the new school year now back in session, it's time to recognize our students for their outstanding work, and effort. Student of the Month awards were recently presented to six students during Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District Board of Education's regular session which was held on September 14. The following students were recognized:

1. Maci Fries, Kindergarten, daughter of Jeremy & Megan Fries.

2. Amanda Ryan, Second Grade, daughter of Racheal Frazee.

3. Anna Leakey, Third Grade, daughter of Daniel & Stephanie Leakey.

4. Domonique Millender, Fourth Grade, daughter of Krista Newman.

5. Viviana Alonso-Martinez, Fifth Grade, daughter of Maximino Alonso

6. Katie Clayton, Sixth Grade, daughter of Rebekah Clayton.

The following items were discussed by the Board:

1. A donation of $218. 15 from the Moose Lodge #1337 which will be placed in special cost (within the General Fund) was approved.

2. The Superintendent recommends the Board adopt an official Trojan logo.

3. A second reading was given for update on Board policy.

4. Applications for Wall of Honor for Newcomerstown High School Alumni and a Citizens Wall of Honor will be accepted until March, 2017. The Board will review the applicants at that time, and the those selected will be announced at the April, 2017 regular Board session.

5. The Board approved an urgent resolution concerning the necessary repairs of the air conditioning system at the Newcomerstown Middle School.

6. A list of students for Open Enrollment was approved.

7. A list of Home Education students was also approved.

8. Michelle Schneider, and Tim Rogers were approved as Home Instruction tutors for the 2016-17 school year. They will receive their hourly rates of pay.

9. Supplemental contracts were approved for: Stephanie Richler, High School Honor Society (stipend of $757). Beth McCune, Middle School Student Council (stipend of $379). John Cigavic, Junior Class Advisor (stipend of $379). Rachel Bowers , Junior Class Advisor (stipend of $379).

10. Don Stevens, and Jamie Lewis were approved as volunteer Indoor Track Team coaches for the 2016-17 school year.

11. The following Volunteer Coaches were approved for the 2016-17 school year: Chris Bryant, and Jeff Cox- Football. Michelle Garretson, and Lana Cushman- Girl's Basketball.

12. Chase Addy was approved as Assistant Girl's Basketball coach for 2016-17 school year. Addy will receive a stipend of $3,027.

13. Walt Cerrato was approved as Head Girl's Basketball coach for 2016-17. He will receive a stipend of $4,540.

14. Rachel Cathey was approved as part-time ISS/Intervention teacher, Middle School. Cathey will receive the substitute rate of pay, per each day.

15. Tiffany Perry was approved as Instructional Aide at West Elementary on an "as-needed" basis at the rate of $9 per hour, no more than 5.5 hours per day. This is for direct, one student intervention. The position will be paid by service contract.

16. Patty Clark was approved for family sick-leave beginning 9/12/2016 and end 11/7/2016.

17. The Board entered executive session to discuss compensation of public employees, and for other negotiations. No action taken at this time.

The next regular session for Newcomerstown Exempted Village School Board is scheduled for Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the NHS Conference Room.