A number of Newcomerstown Middle School students met or exceeded their Accelerated Reader goals for the 2nd nine-week grading period. All of their names were entered into a drawing for prizes from the school library. Doubling or tripling their goal increased the number of tickets students were able to earn for the drawing.

Grade Level Winners: Leah McMahon, 6th grade; Hunter Kennedy, 7th grade; and Chris Wilson, 8th grade.

School Wide Prize Winners: Chance Warren, 6th grade, 16 oz. tumbler filled with candy; Gia Miller, 6th grade, DVD; Grace Phillips, 8th grade, popcorn container full of refreshments; Hayley Hall, 6th grade, 2 movie tickets for Shelby Theater in Coshocton; Marlie Moner, 6th grade, Google Play gift card for $10; and Jessica Garrett, 8th grade, New Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.