Newcomerstown Middle School recently tallied up the numbers and announced its Students of the Month for November and December 2016.

The distinguished honors go to Hunter Amore, Chase Haver, and Chris Wilson for November, and Rylee McCort, Hayley Williams, and Jessica Garrett for December.


The sixth-grade teachers have selected Hunter Amore, son of Brent and Sara Amore, as their Student of the Month and are proud to share some facts about their star student for November. Hunter is an outstanding young man, giving 110% effort every day, and is always prepared for his classes. He also works well with his peers and does a great job of being a peer tutor. Self-motivated is a great character description of Hunter; he can be found in homeroom completing assignments and studying for tests before most students are dismissed from the cafeteria in the mornings. His teachers are very proud of Hunter and encourage him to keep up the great work. Hunter's favorite class is Phys Ed, because he feels he is athletic, and one of his hobbies is riding his bike in his free time. If he were principal, Hunter would encourage everyone to do their best. Some more fun facts about Hunter are that he has two pets, named Angel and King; his favorite meal is pork chops, macaroni, and green beans; as his strengths, he lists math and sports; the last movie he watched was Touchback; his all-time favorite book is June 29, 1999; he doesn't feel he could live without his grandpa; his favorite celebrity is Chuck Norris (in his role as Walker, Texas Ranger); his worst fear is heights; and if he were invisible, he would get lost. The best piece of advice Hunter has ever received came from his dad, who said, "Never give up." So far, Hunter feels his greatest achievements have been wrestling and playing football, and in the future, he hopes to become an undercover cop.

7th grader Chase Haver was nominated by his teachers for this honor because he is a great role model for his peers. He is mature, pleasant, and respectful, and takes his schoolwork seriously. On the class field trip to BizTown, he really immersed himself into his role. His teachers truly appreciate his enthusiasm and enjoy having him in their classes. Chase, son of Jeremy and Mary Haver, says his favorite class this year is science because he would like to work in the science field one day. In his spare time, Chase enjoys hunting and playing baseball. If he were principal, he would make an extended lunch period. Some more fun facts about Chase are that he has two pet dogs (a Dalmatian, and a Terrier mix), named Oreo and Piper; his favorite meal is tacos; the last movie he saw was Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2; his all-time favorite book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; his favorite celebrity is Francisco Lindor; his worst fear is death; and his pet peeve is people distracting others from doing work. If Chase could possess a super power, he would choose to go back in time, because he would like to experience things in the past. So far, Chase feels his greatest accomplishment has been capturing first place with his Stark Summit baseball team. The best advice he's received so far came from his parents, who told him, "If you want to get into a field for a job, research it." In the future, Chase hopes to become an arson investigator.

Chris Wilson, the 8th-grade son of Lisa and Charles Wilson, was chosen for this honor because he has a positive attitude and puts forth great effort in all of his classes. He is such a pleasure to have as a student, and always participates fully. Chris lists science as one of his strengths, and also as his favorite class, because it's very interesting and fun to do, but says that he likes his other subjects, too. If he were principal, he would be strict, but not mean ... unless you get on his nerves. Chris enjoys playing games with his friends in his spare time. Some other fun facts about Chris are that he's not really sure what his favorite meal is; the last movie he saw was Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire, which is also the title of his all-time favorite book; he doesn't feel he could live without food and water; his favorite celebrity is Daniel Radcliffe; his worst fear is drowning; and if he were invisible, he'd enjoy pulling pranks on his friends. Chris believes the best piece of advice he has received came from within himself, "You can do it, if you just believe," and feels that this honor is probably his greatest achievement so far. In the future, Chris has aspirations of becoming a meteorologist.


The sixth-grade teachers nominated Rylee McCort as their Student of the Month for December because she is a hard worker who is always helpful and kind to her peers. She leads by example and strives to give her best effort every single day in class. Her teachers encourage her to keep up the great effort and hard work and want her to know that they are very proud of her. Rylee, daughter of Ben and Theresa McCort, says her favorite class is history because she likes learning about the past and our ancestors. In her spare time, she enjoys making crafts and drawing and feels that one of her strengths is her ability to do math. Some more fun facts about Rylee are that she has two pets, Charlie the Cat and Bear the Dog; her favorite meal is pita pizza; the last movie she watched was Ice Age: Collision Course; her all-time favorite book is Pie; she doesn't feel she could live without cats; her favorite celebrity is Taylor Swift; her worse fear is bugs; and if she could be invisible, she would go to the Hershey Bar factory. If Rylee were principal, she would designate every Tuesday as "Top Hat Tuesday" so that students could pay $1 to wear hats, and donate that money to charity. The best advice she's received so far, came from the Internet, where she found this..."Some people would love to have your problems right now." Her greatest achievement has been getting 6th place in the 5th-grade math competition, and in the future, she hopes to an animal babysitter.

7th-grade student Hayley Williams, daughter of Scott Williams and Tricia Bryant, is an awesome student who loves school, and who performs at a high academic level in all her classes. Her teachers describe her as polite, pleasant and responsible, and they appreciate having such a good role model in their classes. Hayley lists English Language Arts as her favorite class this year because she loves to read, and likes to write narrative stories. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, and playing with her cat, named Binx. Some more fun facts about Hayley are that her favorite meal is tacos; the last movie she saw was The Fundamentals of Caring; her all-time favorite book is Green Angel; her favorite celebrity is Lana Parrilla; her worst fear is bees; her pet peeve is people being fake; and if she were principal, she would replace the staircases with a mini rollercoaster (Mr. Peoples?). If she could possess a super power, Hayle would choose to stop time, so she could sleep more before school. The best piece of advice she's received so far came from Mrs. Baker who said, "Put your name on your paper", and so far, she feels her greatest accomplishment has been persuading her dad to get her a cat. In the future, Hayley hopes to become a teacher and own a cat farm.

The 8th-grade team would like to congratulate Jessica Garrett on being selected student of the month for December. Jessica is an incredible student who always gives her best effort and has an infectious, positive attitude. Jessica is the daughter of John and Teresa Garrett. Her favorite subject in school is English Language Arts because "I love to do journaling on Fridays." This activity allows Jessica to exercise her creativity, which she lists as her greatest strength. Ironically, despite her love of ELA, Jessica wants to be a 5th-grade math teacher in the future. It is very clear that she values all of the things that she learns in school, especially the words of her teachers. For the best piece of advice she has ever received, Jessica cites Ms. Cushman who said, "Never give up on your dreams just because someone told you to." In addition to her school work, Jessica also applies herself outside of the classroom. She frequently competes in martial arts, writing, and drawing competitions and she also sings in her church's choir. There is no doubt that she applies the life lessons that she learns in her extracurricular activities. Jessica's greatest fear is the end of the world and she can't live without food, especially stuffed shells. Her favorite book of all time is Little Women and the last movie that she saw was Harry Potter. Finally, if she could be any animal, she would choose to be a wolf and her favorite thing about Newcomerstown Middle School is, of course, the teachers! Thank you for all of your hard work, Jessica.