In the days of Marshal Elmer Marhover, there were no radios in the police cars.

When a call would be made to the deskman at the Municipal Building, and the Marshal was summoned, a switch would be turned on at the Police Station and a red light on top of the town Library would glow.

Like the Bat Signal in Gotham City, the red light alerted the Marshal to his duties. Elmer Marhover served as Marshal and Police Chief from 1940 to 1955. John Lawver, who became Chief upon Marhover's retirement, said Marhover was a "conscientious and well-liked individual." Lawver also cited Marhover's ability to handle a situation "just by conversation."

Marhover was appointed night policeman by the late Mayor Marion Mercer on January 8, 1929, and a year later he was assigned to the day force.

After retirement, Marhover accepted a state highway job of caring for the roadside parks on Routes 36 and 21.