When Music In Our Schools Month° was created in 1985, however, MENC launched a new event, The World's Largest Concert, which centered on a repertoire of songs provided by the Association that music educators could teach their students. The tradition continues today with The Concert for Music In Our Schools Month. Several teachers also have recorded videos recounting their concert memories.

For the 10th anniversary of Music In Our Schools Week in 1984, an editor at Music Educators Journal conducted a Q&A with Judith F. Melillo, of Acton, Massachusetts. She was MENC's 1984 National chair for Music Education Week.

In the February 1984 issue of MEJ, she was asked:

"Why do we need a special week to celebrate music education?"

She responded: "Of course music in the schools is going on all year round, but the MIOSW celebration is for administrators, parents, and the community, to call attention to music education and what music teachers are doing. It's our chance to make them realize that our subject area is important and a basic part of the school curriculum."

Melillo added, "We music educators should actually be 'selling' ourselves . . . every week, not just during MIOSW. If we did so, many of us would find ourselves in a better position respective to program and budget cuts. But in too many instances we've contributed to our own problems by staying in the background."

She also said, "An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. I believe MIOSW symbolizes what [NAfME] is all about, strengthening our membership and the ideas and principles that bind us together in the nationwide celebration of Music In Our Schools Week."

For 2017, many teachers, students, parents, and other music education supporters share that same sentiment. Follow NAfME on Twitter and Facebook for the latest MIOSM news.