On Thursday, Feb. 16, Junior Achievement representatives and volunteers from Huntington Bank visited Newcomerstown Middle School and presented four sessions of the It's My Future program to the seventh graders. The sessions were "My Brand" which was about developing a positive reputation. In "Career Mapping," students learned how early experiences can provide transferable skills that contribute to their future job success. "Soft Skills" explained the differences between technical and soft skills, and why both are essential to keeping a job. In "High Growth Careers" students were given a chance to explore career options online.

The 8th graders at NMS also got to take advantage of some very educational sessions. JA Economics for Success gave students the information needed to build strong personal finances, a cornerstone for a happy, secure life. Students learned the importance of exploring career options based on their skills, interests, and values. They also learned about spending money within a budget; saving and investing wisely; and using credit cautiously. The 8th-grade students rotated to four half-hour sessions where they learned about these topics. The sessions were entitled as follows:

Job Expectations - Students were instructed about the importance of first impressions, as well as expectations from an employer's viewpoint.

Budgeting - How to budget, including understanding the differences between wants and needs

Debit/Credit/Check Registers - Understanding the difference between credit and debit cards and the purpose for each. They were also shown the effect of interest on debt when only paying the minimum payment.

Insurance - The different types of insurances, and the necessity of having insurance when accidents occur.