Story #9 --Watch Repairman Ern Crater Did Not Like to Work

Another little story about Ern Crater. He was a watch repairman - and a good one - but he did not like to work. Not that he was afraid of work; he could lie down and go to sleep by it.

His jewelry store was located on Main Street where The Newcomerstown News Publishing Company now is. His father, "Butch" Crater, had a hardware store just across the street, where the Marlowe store is located.

Anyhow, a farmer had brought his old turnip of a watch into Ern to have it put in running order about a month previous. The old gentleman came in every Saturday to get his watch, but Ern would have the same excuse ready - that he was so busy that he would surely have it ready by the following Saturday. The fact of the matter was that Ern had never looked at the watch. The old gentleman was exasperated, and said, "Ern, you are the damnedest biggest liar in Newcomerstown." Ern replied, "Oh, no I'm not. The biggest liar in town is my father, "Butch," who runs the hardware store across the street."

The next Saturday when the old gentleman came in looking for his watch, Ern had it ready, lying on the showcase, with two or three small gear wheels beside it. Said Ern, "Here's your watch. I could not find a place for these other gears, but it seems to run all right. If it doesn't keep good time, bring it back and maybe I can find where these other gears go." The old gentleman was really angry. He grabbed up his watch, gave Ern fifty cents, and went out swearing that he never would come back. After he was gone, Ern picked up the gears (which belonged to another watch) and had a good laugh.

Next week's story: Newcomerstown Saloons Visited by Carrie Nation. Stories are reprinted from a series of stories by former NCTnews contributor, D.B. Moore. The historic tales are from Moore's book, My Hometown, Gekelemukpechunk. The book is a collection of true stories that Moore recalled from growing up in Newcomerstown.