For many years Newcomerstown residents, businesses, plant employees, churches and many other organizations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of charities. Most of that money left our community and had no real effect on our town. The money did go to worthwhile causes, but there was no control to whether it could help people who live here.

That is where this Community Fund is different. The money will stay and assist the students, families, and organizations in the Newcomerstown School District boundaries. The Thomas R. Little Community Fund is asking residents, church groups, businesses, and organizations to form teams to raise funds, just like they have in the past. The end date for the fundraising is our Gateway to Fall event on Saturday, Aug. 19, which will be held at the Newcomerstown High School as a celebration but will also be more of a festival for the entire community to participate in with food stands, crafts for sale, games, and activities for everyone.

The donations will go into one of three funds for our community. One is a fund to help families that have a family member suffering through disease. This is not to pay medical bills but can be used in some to help with traveling expenses.

A grant program will be initiated to help organizations with projects that benefit the organization and community.

The third fund will expand the Thomas R. Little Scholarship program to assist more senior students in their goal of a post-secondary education.

The Thomas R. Little Memorial Fund was created by his family fourteen years ago in memory of his devotion to Newcomerstown. It has provided scholarships for those years for Newcomerstown graduating seniors.

We are excited to present this new Community Fund to Newcomerstown and look forward to all the assistance and ideas that will be created for our community.

Members of the committee are Desiree Welch, Jamie Lambes, Charlene Kehl, Diane and Kenny Koch, Catherine Mitchell, Cindy Staggs, Paula Emery, Roger Seitz, Heather Runser, Jill Little, Abby Collins, Michael Wise, Kristie Wilkin, and Pat Cadle.