Mrs. Caylee West, Newcomerstown Middle School art teacher, received the "Thumbs Up" award from Mr. Jason Peoples on Tuesday, Feb. 28. When principal Peoples presented the coveted trophy to Mrs. West at lunchtime in the presence of the 7th-grade students, he shared many complimentary remarks about Mrs. West. Not only is she a very gifted artist and outstanding teacher, but Mrs. West also displays a positive attitude toward her job, her students, and her fellow staff members every single day in and out of the classroom. If she was ever having a bad day, nobody would ever know it, as she is always smiling and upbeat. She willingly offers to spend her free time allowing students to come to her room for extra help, or if they need or just want extra time to work on their projects during and after the school day. Mrs. West, who has worked at NMS for almost six years, is a shining example and model for all students and staff alike. She gains their respect because she respects them. Newcomerstown Middle School is a better place with teachers like her in it.