It was on Sunday, May 5, 1968, that the new high school building at Newcomerstown was officially dedicated. According to several members of the NHS Class of 1968, the first class to graduate from the new building, the doors were actually open for classes sometime in mid-March, 1968.

The contract for construction of the new high school building was approved by the Newcomerstown Board of Education on Sept. 21, 1966. The building's completion was realized on March 1, 1968. The general contractor for the construction was Paul Contracting Company. The total cost for construction of the high school building was $1,007,381. The original square footage of the new high school building was 59,350. The original design of the building consisted of ten classrooms, library, cafeteria, study hall, gymnasium, locker rooms, community room, band room, mechanical drawing, metal shop, and food lab.

At the time of the opening of the new high school building, the Newcomerstown Board of Education consisted of the following members: Nancy Lineback, Virgil Ervin, Annabelle Stocker, Edward Hamsher, C.H. Hooker, Thomas Addy, and Carl Krebs. The Superintendent of the Newcomerstown Schools was Edward Hamsher.

The dedication program for the new high school began at 2 p.m. with the opening musical selections given by the Newcomerstown High School band, directed by Connie Dichler, and the Newcomerstown High School choir, directed by Walter Heck. The invocation was given by Rev. Fred Schmidt, President of the Newcomerstown Ministerial Association. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by High School Principal, Clifford Wilson. Welcome & Introduction was given by Superintendent Hamsher. Presentation of Keys to the Architect was given by Don Colopy of Paul Construction, Zanesville. Presentation of the Building to the Board of Education was given by Thomas Devolld, A.I.A. Architect. The Acceptance of the Building was by C.H. Hooker, President of the Board. Dedicatory Prayer was given by Claude Hinds, Administrative Assistant. The Dedicatory Address was given by Ohio State Senator, Oliver Ocasek. The Benediction was given by Rev. Schmidt. Following the opening ceremony, guided tours, under the direction of the principal and teaching staff were given of the new building from 3-4 p.m.

Some of the high school teaching staff at the time of the opening of the new building were: Helen Bowling, Loraine Fowler, David Milburn, Bonnie Struchen, Audrey Barthalow, Rachel Ann Hickman, Mary Swigert, Mary Marshall, Farrell Sharrock, Gene Riffle, Dennis Belle, Lynn Loomis, Curt Hinds, Lloyd Miller, Evelyn Novis, Rachel Stoffer, Elizabeth Portz, Alan Osler, Ward Holdsworth, Fred Clough, Joe Clantz, Awilda Phillips, Jan McPeek, Glen & Jean Jarvis.

Shortly after the completion of the high school building, Lee Stadium was constructed and became known as the Home of the Trojans.

Over the past fifty years, the high school has evolved into a larger structure in order to accommodate the growing population of students attending NHS.