The the second year, Webelos have brought great honor to Pack 424 as they have climbed the Scouting Trail together. They have worked hard on activity badges and have attained Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light.

After earning the Arrow of Light, the Cub Scouts are ready to become Boy Scouts. The award is given in recognition of their accomplishments as they graduate from Cub Scouting.

The colored bands honor their individual ranks and achievements. Orange is for Tiger; black is for Bobcat; red for Wolf; green for Bear; silver and gold for Arrow Points, blue for Webelos, white for Webelo achievements; purple for world conservation, tan for Religious award; and the band of yellow represents the Arrow of Light Award.

The tree feathers sybolize the family, the pack leadership and the scout. These feathers, in turn, are joined by the blue and gold crest of Cub Scouting. The blue crest stands for faith and loyalty. as deep and as true as the vast expanse of the sky above. The gold crest stands for warmth and good cheer like golden rays of the sun.

The arrowhead represents courage and strength like the stone from which it is crafted. The shaft of the arrow, fashioned from the hardest wood, stands for honesty and fairness.

The lashing that holds the arrowhead to the shaft represents the friendship that has bound them together in scouting.

Congratulations to Carter Johnson, Gage Johnson, and Shane Smith. Let this award remind you to do your best every day as you follow the arrow that leads to Boy Scouting.