Gavin Prysi, the sixth-grade son of Misty and Lawrence Prysi, was nominated for March Student of the Month by his teachers, who have numerous comments to share about him. Gavin is a hard worker in class and is always on task doing his work. He is also a very positive student who constantly wears a smile on his face, and his teachers are very proud of him. Gavin's hobbies include playing basketball and participating in 4-H. He says his favorite class at NMS this year is math, because he is really good at it, and it is fun. If Gavin were the principal, he would take away students' personal technology devices during the school day. Some fun facts about Gavin are that he has two pets, a dog, and a goldfish; his favorite meal is steak and cheese fries; the last movie he watched was Jason Bourne; his all-time favorite book is Diary of A Wimpy Kid; his favorite celebrity is Donald Trump; his pet peeve is when everything has to be just right; and if he could possess a superpower, he would choose quickness because he feels he is not very fast. So far in life, Gavin's greatest accomplishment in his eyes is this honor of becoming Student of the Month, and the best advice Gavin has received thus far came from his coach, Coach Miller, who said, "You need to be the best you can be." In the future, Gavin hopes to get all As and become better at basketball.

Seventh-grade teachers selected Lillian Hill as their Student of the Month for March, declaring that they really enjoy having her in their classes. As the school year progresses, Lillian is participating more in class discussions and taking more of an initiative to make certain IXL assignments are completed. She also shows a high level of maturity for a 7th-grade student. Lillian, daughter of Melissa Beal and Terry Hill, says her favorite class this year is the computer with teacher Carol Boltz because the projects they've been doing are really fun. Some of Lillian's hobbies/activities include reading, art, and playing games. If she were the principal, she would try to make school more fun, with more fun activities. A few more interesting facts about Lillian are that her favorite meal is macaroni and cheese; her worst fears are darkness, clowns, and bugs; her pet peeve is clothes that don't fit right; and if she could possess a superpower, she would choose telekinesis because she just thinks it would be a really cool power to have. So far, Lillian feels her greatest accomplishment has been learning the skill of art, and in fact, hopes to become an artist one day and travel the world. The best pieces of advice Lillian has received thus far came from her mom, who told her, "You never know what you have until you lose it" and "Your words create life." Lillian's teachers wish her continued success.

Eighth grader Kaitlyn Rainsberg was chosen by her teachers as their March Student of the Month because she always has a pleasant attitude and sets a good example of proper behavior in the classroom. Her teachers feel she is a hard worker and a pleasure to have in class. Kaitlyn, daughter of Marlene Korns and John Rainsberg, thinks the best things about Newcomerstown Middle School are the teachers, and having Mr. Peoples as the principal. Language (ELA) and history are her two favorite classes this year because Mr. Kiner always makes ELA fun and creative, and she finds history interesting, and her history teacher Mr. Hines 'pretty cool.' In her free time, she enjoys cheering and dancing. Some fun facts about Kaitlyn are that she has one pet, a cat named Isiah; her favorite meal would be anything from Buffalo Wild Wings; the last movie she saw was The Patriot; her favorite expression is "happy"; her all-time favorite book is Out Of My Mind by Sharon Draper; her favorite celebrities are Twenty One Pilots, and Justin Bieber; her worst fear is being alone; she doesn't feel she could live without her mom, her family, her friends, and food; and if she could choose to be any animal, she would choose to be a cheetah, because they are fast. So far, Kaitlyn feels her greatest accomplishments are being a good student and believing in herself, and the best advice she's received came from her mom who said, "Be different from everyone else. You were born to stand out!" In the future, Kaitlyn hopes to go to college to pursue a degree in physical therapy.