The MeowChat app, which connects users with strangers in private and group chats, has been quietly gaining momentum. The app describes itself as a "fun place to chat and meet new friends," and is a cross between matchmaking app Tinder and instant chat app WhatsApp. Users can send text, images, or audio clips to others.

Its random chat feature can be used to pair users in a one-on-one chat with a stranger or enter larger group conversations with others within chatrooms. While it may feel like innocent chatter, the chat rooms are inundated with sexual language and users looking to send and receive illicit pictures. Cyberbullying can also arise from this app.

The MeowChat app icon features a cute, colorful cat, so it's easy to see why it appeals to children and teens. Parents and teachers are encouraged to have conversations with children about the use of such an app and the risk of chatting with strangers, which can potentially lead to meeting in person. Ensure they do not give away personal details, including full name and location.