One hundred years ago, members of the Newcomerstown High School Class of 1917 (seen here) were no doubt looking forward to the big day they received their diplomas. Most of the class members entered the domestic, and working-class life, while others volunteered or were drafted into the service to fight in WW I. A few went on to college. One became a doctor, several others became teachers in the local school system. Left to right, each row. Front row: Charles Botimer, Thomas C. Montgomery (one of the first local casualties of WW I). Second row: Roy Euga, Roy Hildebrandt, Arthur Euga, Lorin Johns, Ralph Dillon, George Brown, Donald McCleary. Third row: Esther Hoff, Ada Nugen, Mabyl Stahler, Fred Reed, Lillie Murphy, Ralph Adams. Fourth row: Ruth Jones, Rachel Erwin, Mary Hartline, Mary McKenzie, Winifred Barnett, Rosemary Cook, Ethel Kendelberger. Back row: Edna (last not identified), Miss Hoffer (teacher), Helen Warner.

Photo courtesy of William Casteel