WEST LAFAYETTE -- If you reside within the village of West Lafayette, and have high weeds, or dilapidated structures on your property, you are most likely on a list that the village is currently assessing.

According to Mayor Stephen Bordenkircher, the village is reviewing the list and will be taking action very soon. The village has an ordinance in place for high grass, weeds, and dilapidated structures and will be enforcing it. According to Bordenkircher there are nine properties with high grass, weeds, and 11 dilapidated structures that the village is planning definitive action on.

Other business discussed at the May 22 regular session included:

The village received a report from W.E. Quicksall concerning the sewer project for Johnson Rd. residents.

The West Lafayette Hometown Festival is scheduled to take place July 27-29. This year's theme is "Picnic in the Park."

The restrooms at Burt Park have recently been painted. New toilets, sinks have been ordered and delivered. They will be installed in the restrooms soon.

Council approved a first reading with emergency clause for resolution #2017-21 concerning credit card use. The credit card use is limited to the following persons: Mayor Bordenkircher, Fiscal officer Sara Warne, Police Chief Klopfenstein, Patrolman L. Dusenberry, Patrolman M. Eckelberry, Patrolman D. Cochran, Patrolman D. Bradford, Patrolman J. Demeter, Village administrator Tom Grier, Operator III D. Kadri, Labor II J. Newell, Labor II S. Moore, and Office Manager Shannon Hains.

Council approved resolution #2017-23 with first reading, and emergency clause concerning accepting four $10 gift cards that were donated to the food bank conducted and managed by the police department.

Resolution #2017-24 was approved to amend the 2017 permanent appropriations, adding funds. First reading with emergency clause.

According to Mayor Bordenkircher, the village has not yet made a decision regarding internet technology service. The contract will end in December. The village has been looking at options, and ways to be more cost effective, yet have the security of the system that is required for the village's administrative, and fiscal documents.

The village has not yet decided on the amount of money that will be given to the Ridgewood Recreation Board. It was discussed that up to $6,000 could be released as long as the Recreation Board is able to provide to the Fiscal officer the proper documentation of where, and how the funding will be utilized.

The next council session is scheduled for June 12.