WEST LAFAYETTE -- If funding can be obtained, the village of West Lafayette will have a fireworks exhibit for the upcoming Hometown Festival celebration scheduled for July 27-29.

As far as anyone knows, there has never been a community fireworks exhibit at West Lafayette, at least not in the past 40 years, according to Mayor Stephen Bordenkircher. Village residents have either had to go to Newcomerstown, or Coshocton to enjoy fireworks as both communities generally have had them during the Fourth of July, or First Night celebrations.

Mayor Bordenkircher announced the plan for the fireworks exhibit during other business at the recent village council meeting held on June 12. He reports that he and the Chamber of Commerce members had previously discussed the plan as part of this year's festival theme, Picnic in the Park. He said he has recently connected with an organization known as NE Ohio Pyros who have agreed to provide a fireworks exhibit at no cost for their service. The only cost involved would be for the actual purchasing of the fireworks. The organization is a licensed, insured, professional group who provide the service as part of a hobby.

Mayor Bordenkircher said the minimum cost for a decent fireworks exhibit would be $3,000. If the community can raise more than the minimum, a larger scale exhibit could be held. Bordenkircher said the only way the fireworks exhibit will happen is if the community can raise the money. He said the Chamber unfortunately does not have adequate funding to purchase the fireworks. Bordenkircher stated "if every West Lafayette resident could donate $2 per each person, the village could have an awesome show".

Donations can be made at the following locations: Myers Country Diner, Village Market, or at the business office where Bordenkircher works through the week (located at 103 W. Main St., West Lafayette). The donations, cash or check, can be dropped off at the diner or market locations, or checks mailed to the office location at the above address. The checks must be payable to: West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Att. Fireworks Funding.

The plan is for the exhibit to be held on the south side of the village, in the field area, off of Johnson Road where the exhibit will be able to be safely displayed.

Other business discussed included:

■ Attorney Brett Hillyer was present and has verbalized interest in the village solicitor position that will be open following the end of the previous approved contract with current solicitor, Bill Owens. Council informed Hillyer that they will accept be applications/resumes to consider for the upcoming new contract.

■ A village resident voiced concerns about his property at North Kirk and Water Street, and suggests need for a possible one-way designation for Water Street. He said the street is too narrow for two automobiles, and his property is being damaged when traffic is heavy, mainly during baseball games that are being held at the ball field located in that vicinity. The public safety committee later announced a plan to check into the issue further, and the suggestion for a one-way designation for Water Street.

■ Assistant Fire Chief Damon Gould provided a fire department report for last month. The department had a total of 15 fire calls in May. Call history is 67 calls as of May 31. There were 62 calls at this same time last year.

■ Council approved the village to pay off the waste water treatment plant loan early. The early pay off will save the village $6,000. Council member Don Lusk made the motion.

■ Shrubs were recently replaced at the Troop Train Memorial located at the Railroad and Kirk Street intersection.

■ Hydrant flushing will be taking place in the village soon.

■ Council approved purchase of a new lock/key for the safety deposit box in the village office. The original key has been lost. The cost to open the box, replace the lock/key will be $350.

■ Public works committee was to meet with residents of Johnson Road, Wall Street neighborhood Tuesday night, June 13, at Ridgewood High School, to answer any questions about the upcoming sewer extension project.

■ Council approved resolution #2017-25 per first reading with emergency clause concerning cooperative purchasing program.

■ Council also approved resolution #2017-26 per first reading with emergency clause concerning purchase order for W.E. Quicksall & Associates, Inc. for the sewer extension project.

■ Cross-walks, and school signs (stenciled on the street) are to be re-painted in early July, before the Hometown celebration.

■ Council approved use of council funding to purchase a flat screen television to mount to the wall in council chambers for use with projector (for inservices, council related presentations).

The next council session is scheduled for June 26.