I would like to thank everyone who has shown concern for me over the last three months. In June of this year, I experienced the scariest event I have ever endured. I suffered a stroke, with my left side affected. I had no prior health conditions that would cause a stroke. After many tests and a second opinion, it was concluded that my stroke was caused by riding rides at an amusement park three days prior.

I have since made a full recovery, thanks to my family and friends and my sister, Whitney Stein, who is a physical therapist.

I want to personally thank Lisa Freeman and Lynn Wilson, NP Union Physician (Dr. Burrier’s) for the quick thinking of having me to to the ER.

Again, I would like to thank everyone for the prayer and concern while I was going through something so scary. It was comforting to know so many people cared. It is so great to live in this community with so many great people and wonderful churches. I will always be so grateful.

Eric Rose