Recently I have heard Pastor Boyle, and others, talk about the fact that Heaven truly is the home that awaits us when we reach the end of this journey.

As I thought about Heaven being my home I was reminded of a story I heard some years ago. Maybe you heard it.

It seems that a certain missionary was on a ship coming home after serving many years in a foreign country. Traveling on the ship with him was a United States diplomat who had been on a short trip to a foreign country also. As the ship docked in the harbor the missionary took note of the red carpet and much fanfare brought out to welcome the diplomat home. As the official moved away from the ship, the crowd followed leaving the other passengers to be welcomed by friends and family. The missionary’s arrival time had been uncertain so there was no one to meet him as he departed the ship. Somewhat sorry to be alone at such an important time, the missionary asked God, "Why?" Why did the diplomat after a short trip have such an elaborate welcome home and the missionary, having served many years away from home receive no welcome at all? Then God answered, "You’re not home yet."

I praise God that this world is not my home. I know there is a place where Jesus and my loved ones wait to welcome me. That’s the place I call home.

I long for the day I will hear my Savior say, "Welcome home." What a blessing that will be.