The Village of Newcomerstown is welcoming two new council members, as well as two that were re-elected. Jim Friel and Randy Little, both new elects, will serve the Village of

Newcomerstown through their terms ending Dec. 31, 2021.

Friel has previously served the village as a former councilman and mayor.

Heather Stein-Wells and David Shepherd were re-elected.

Kristie Wilkin and Jim Reed will continue as council members through their terms ending Dec. 31, 2019. Pat Cadle will continue to serve as mayor through his term, ending

Dec. 31, 2019. Fiscal operations will continue to be managed by Lisa Stiteler.

Committees for 2018 were selected during the recent regular session and consist of the following council members:

1. Mayor Pro-Tem: Heather Stein-Wells

2. Clerk Pro-Tem: Kristie Wilkin

3. Sewer and Public Works: Jim Reed (Chair), David Shepherd, Heather Stein-Wells

4. Public Safety and Public Relations: Randy Little (Chair), Heather Stein-Wells, Jim Friel

5. Finance and Long Range Planning: Heather Stein-Wells (Chair), Jim Friel, Randy Little

6. Building and Grounds Community Development: David Shepherd (Chair), Jim Reed, Kristie Wilkin

7. Streets, Sidewalks and Recreation: Kristie Wilkin (Chair), David Shepherd, Randy Little

8. Legislations, Rules and Personnel: Jim Friel (Chair), Jim Reed, Kristie Wilkin

Other business discussed during the Dec. 18 regular session included:

1. During committee report, David Shepherd reported that the pool manager, and assistant will need to be certified for food service in order to classify for Level 2 certification for the

next pool season, according to information recently received from the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

2. Committee report given by councilman Reed included a report for Tri-County Ambulance that the pay rates for the emergency personnel, and staff will remain unchanged for

2018. Janet Chaney was hired as Tri County clerk.

3. Councilmember Heather Stein-Wells reports that NERS had recently received improved ISO rating, thus saving on the insurance rate. The rating had been at a five, and has been given a four (the rating increases from higher number to lower number). The insurance will be able to receive a $1,000 rebate with the improved rating.

4. Village Solicitor Robert Stephenson reports that a certified letter had been sent to David Kinsey, owner of the Cooley Hotel building, giving 90 days to have the structure demolished as it has been deemed unsafe.

5. Mayor Cadle thanked Bonnie Johnson and her daughter, Jane, for their management of the recent village Christmas parade.

6. Mayor reports that the village is still working on several pending projects, including the former Caito Foods building, the former GE building and the former Heller/Simonds building. It is anticipated that the village will see opportunity for jobs and revenue with each pending project. Mayor also congratulated McDonald’s for their new upgrade and re-opening.

7. Council tabled the earlier discussed plan of demolishing the rental house near West Lawn cemetery until further information is received by council to consider. The village did

receive three bids to demolish the house. The favored bid of $6,700 was given by McDonnell Excavating.

8. Council approved advertising for a full-time street department position to replace Dwain Stocker, who recently resigned.

9. Councilmember Jim Carr verbalized his gratitude to the village, council members and Mayor for being a part of council and serving the village the past four years. His term

ended Dec. 31. Carr has previously served as council member and mayor for the Village of Newcomerstown and has 23 years of public service to the village.

10. Council approved Robert Stephenson II to continue as village solicitor for the village, per ordinance 20-2017.

The next regular council session is scheduled for Jan. 15 at 7:00p.m. at the Library Annex.