A few weeks ago I turned the radio on and heard Pastor Paul Chappell make a statement that really caught my attention. He said, "God is willing to assume full responsibility for a life that is totally yielded to Him."

I have known for years that the statement he made was true. It seems I just never heard it said in a way, time, or place that it could speak to me as it did. As I allowed my mind to absorb and process those words I realized the importance and the full meaning of what they said, at least what they said to me.

If God is my Father, which he is, and I have yielded my life to Him, He is responsible for me. It said if I live my life God’s way I have nothing to worry about. In an even fewer words it could mean, do it God’s way.

For many years I have trusted God to fill my needs, and He does. But more than that, He trains, teaches, and guides me in the way He wants me to go. When I fail to follow His teaching the choices I make are mine and I may suffer the consequences, whether good or bad, yet He may still right the wrong I have done. When I suffer pain or loss my Father will make it right. It may mean He only heals the wound, but it may also mean He replaces the loss. It means He cares about me and will use every part of my life for His good and His glory.

I’m afraid I have not explained this well but to me the words also mean that I can have a wonderful relationship with God, my Father, as I allow Him to have full control and full responsibility of my life.

This also means that the blessings will come when I do it God’s way.