2018 State of the Village Report

The State of the Village of Newcomerstown continues to progress in a positive direction. I would like to thank the citizens who contact us when there is a problem that needs our attention. Many times we don’t know there is a problem until you notify us. We also thank residents who have stepped up by taking care of their property, and go out of their way for their neighbors. I saw it this past weekend where many residents took care of their neighbors by shoveling and plowing their properties too.

Yes, we did have to work through some negative events. The officer shooting and the drug murder were solved quickly and everything was transparent to the public. We took responsibilities for our mistakes and moved on.

The positive events and achievements far outnumbered the negative in numbers and significance. Our town is fortunate to have department supervisors and employees who work hard for us and are willing to learn more about their field to improve themselves.

• A. The water department, under Tom Sauerbrey, had 4 employees pass their Class 1 Water Supply Operator’s License and another pass the Class 1 and 2 Wastewater Supply Operators License tests. These are very difficult tests to pass and we are proud at their achievement.

B. 2017 saw the replacement of the water lines on Park Hill Drive and its connection to

loop in Crestview Drive.

C. 157,050,000 gallons were processed through our station on Stark Patent Road.

D. 5 hydrants were replaced. 3,013 feet of water lines were replaced with 6"pipe.

E. 596 work orders were done. 20,000 meters were read. 414 hydrants were flushed.

• A new jet truck was purchased to replace the old one.

• A. The Street Department had a new superintendent hired in August, Travis Goodwill. He has proved to be an excellent supervisor, learning the routine fast, and creating better plans for the future.

B. Park Hill Drive, Crestview Drive and the section of Neighbor from Park Hill to Goodrich Street were all paved. Park Hill had not been paved since 1995. This was partially paid for with the Ohio Small Community Grant of $142,000

C. All village street vehicles were inspected and repaired where necessary.

D. A leaf vacuum was purchased and utilized this fall for three weeks in October, November, and December.

E. Twenty nine more dead and problem trees were removed.

F. New security cameras were installed at the cemetery.

G. General Street was widened by 6 feet.

III. A. The Police Department, under Chief Gary Holland, had a state mandated Sally Port added on to the back of the Municipal Building for bringing persons to the jail. This was paid for with a Rosenberry Grant and money from an estate to the Village.

B. Purchased a new cruiser with money saved over the past two years. Another vehicle was purchase through an auction for considerably less than its value.

C. Upgraded Security cameras in and around the Municipal Building funded by a grant

D. Installed video cameras in each cruiser.

E. Conducted 219 misdemeanor investigations and 62 felony investigations

F. Officers met all state requirements and mandates for training- which is 35 hours per officer and another 40 hours each for crisis intervention.

IV. A. The Fiscal Officer, Lisa Stiteler, increased the General fund for the third straight year.

B. Moved the Village banking accounts and funds from Huntington to Century National Bank to increase interest dividends.

C. Increased tax collection totals.

D. Moved forward with our Inventory Policy

E. Completed two record disposals.

F. Completed OPWC/ Small Community Grants for $1 million dollar water/ paving project for West Street in 2018.

This is the short list for all the accomplishments of our departments this past year. Did we achieve all of our goals? No. Some of those goals like the Cooley Hotel and Simonds property are still on the list after two years. The Village has 78 goals for this year.

2018 is going to be an exciting year. Our residents are going to see new solar arrays constructed at our Water, and Wastewater plant sites. This will reduce our electric usage by 12% and that percentage will increase each year for those facilities. New businesses will be building here at both the Industrial park and in town. The Newcomerstown CIC and the Mayor’s Office will be marketing our village like never before. Tuscarawas County is working with Newcomerstown to remove the Cooley Hotel this year.

I described 2016 as a starting place to start catching our Village up. We achieved 35of 41 goals.

2017 has caught us some more (58 of 70 goals achieved) and began making longer range

planning for our future. Each department has a 5 year Plan in place. A ten year plan will

be created by the end of the year.

For 2018 the Mayor’s Office and the 4 departments have set our goals for our Village. We will continue to work on improving the infrastructure with paving and water projects. We are working with the CIC to bring more businesses, industry, and jobs to our village. The Mayor’s Office is working with our County officials to stay current with their programs and services. Our biggest goal remains the same to continue to improve the safety and services we provide for our residents by exploring new ways to communicate and increase the revenue brought in to fund those services.